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Trending fall 2013

8 Oct

Black, long and midi length, more calf length. Wiggle shape. Denim is slowly comeing back.  Vertical stripes.


Summer 2012

4 Mar

This summer girls want to show legs again, but still with long length hem, so that means high slits and mulles skirts, short in front and long back. Evening dresses are mermaid style

And to autumn it velvet will come back, tougher with 1800 century peasant style dress and steam punk style.

Maxi with high slits

12 Sep

Spring break fashion (via Simplysammills’s Blog)

21 May

Maxi dress-: This look is fun for all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, curvy or athletic, you can wear this on a sunny day. Try bright colors like yellows or pinks. Shop at Forever 21, Macy’s or Wet Seal. Ranging from $10-25.

via Simplysammills’s Blog

Dance in maxi dress

11 May

If you like dance and maxidresses then you must love Martha Graham

Short in front, long back

17 Apr

Dresses that are short in front and long back, aka mullet dress, has been spoted on the red carpet.

But they are hard to find in the stores..  Here are some:


Side slit maxi skirt

12 Mar


D & G

More readers?

11 Mar

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Pleated Long Skirt

10 Mar

Me like!

And pleated skirts are trendy to.

Crazy cheap Couture dress

10 Feb

Couture dress at Vera moda € 49.95

Sadly, only in size 36, would have been a nice everyday dress;)